Saturday, May 16, 2009

What was I thinking? 10.2 miles...

So Kurt and I are huge fans of the Biggest Loser on NBC. We would sit on our comfy couch eating a vast array of snacks while watching these HUGE people work out and watch what they would eat. We would comment on their size and heath issues and just be shocked at the amount of weight they could lose in a week. Well, one of the last episodes the final 4 contestants had to do a marathon, walk, run, crawl, whatever but had to finish 26.2 miles. In my head I am like that is crazy, some of the contestants were still a bit heavy, but finished. As I am shoveling strawberry short cake w/ extra whipped cream into my mouth Kurt turns to me and says, "we could do that"... I just looked at him and gave him the look. He said, "how about next Saturday we walk to Bedford High School?" I just said"ya, sure, whatever... " Never did I think we would really want to do it.
OK, so today was "that" Saturday... He rolled over and said, " you ready?" OMG we are really going to do this. Mind you that I do not work out regularly and could stand to lose 30 lbs. I think to myself , I could bail and then feel guilty and possibly emotionally eat, or just suck it up and go.
We drove both cars to BHS and left one. We went home and started the journey. As you all know we live in NH, yes hilly and bumpy NH. Off we went, in my car I figured out mileage, so each few miles I would think about how FAR we had to go. We had to walk out on main roads, which I think most people in the area knew who we were and what the heck we were doing.

Every now and then I would attempt jogging... UGLY! At mile 7 I realized I could do this. One thing though, my hands looked like a catchers mitt and my fingers looked like bratwurst... I had a hard time bending my fingers and my ring looked like it could pop off. I am going to Google later what that all means... So onward, we drive this route everyday and NEVER did I ever think I would be walking it. We head down Nashua Rd and I see my mini van, I have never been more happy to see that sweet ride! We made it in 2 hours and 20 min. I think that is pretty good for no training! Kurt and I stretched for a bit and hopped in the car to head home. I had to be at work at 2 and here it is 1:15. We got home and I go to get out of the car and realize my body is not moving they way it usually does. My hips felt like they were going to pop out and my poor feeties, can you say blisters? So here I am at the VA Hospital working feeling my legs cramp, and my arss twitch.
I am proud of myself for completing this and not bailing out. I did bring my cell phone with me just in case I had to call for help:)
What are you up to next weekend?


Peterson Clan said...

That was a funny post!! But you did it!! Good for you!! I think that is great. Kristian would've passed out at the 3rd mile!! But he needs to start working off those "man boobs" of his!! haha

Peterson Clan said...
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