Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just had to Post Something...

***The flu has hit the Hines household... Kurt is a snotty, fevery, achy mess. The kids have been home as well but not sure how bad they are. We had over 100+ kids out of the school today due to this outbreak. I have been living on my Bath and Body Anti bacterial sanitizer! Love the stuff!

***Fall has turned into winter and back to spring all in one week. Sunday we had SNOW. Last week freezing cold rain, and today was a balmy 64. I hear it will be almost 70 tomorrow. I hope Friday night is mild for the last home game of the season.

***Kurt's team is doing well. They lost by a field goal last week:( I so hope they win the last game! That would be so sweet to win their first and last game... Good vibes!

***Called to re-up my XM Radio... When did people in Kentucky forget to speak English? I called for some info and could believe the accent. When the guy started talking about Wal-Mart I almost died. I thought of the website you all should look at: www.peopleofwalmart.com
Needless to say, I told the guy I would check out the XM website for more info.

***Abby finished field hockey this past week.

Halee broke up with Jon, then realized it was not what she really wanted. SO, they are back together. I think it was a total of 12 hours... Brock has started getting ready for wrestling by working out. Sophia has been figuring out who are her true friends at school and who is going to get kicked to the curb. Girl drama. I told her make friends with the boys they don't care about if she is talking to so-n-so, or what she is wearing.(well for now).

***I am going on call at the VA hospital for a bit. Need to get my head on straight and stop spreading my self to thin... Well I would like to be thin physically:) That's a whole other issue. I think I will stop there for tonight.

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