Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blessing in Disguise...

So there I am all snuggly on the couch after a crazy day at Bedford High School. I am enjoying something on the TV and eating something even better. Halee and her boyfriend Jon come home and Jon plops down on the other couch and Halee just is standing telling me about Jon's first experience at an all you can eat buffet. As she is telling me this fabulous story... I see her look out the front window with a look of horror! Holy %$#@! (mind you she is not prone to swear, well in front of me anyways) She is screaming, " My car is rolling down the driveway"!!! Come again? Did she really just say that? I have NEVER seen Halee move so fast in all my life! She flew down the stairs and out the front door. Jon is shocked, but jumps up and tries to catch the car. REALLY? Great effort on his part! By the time I realize what is happening I hear Halee screaming. I am thinking, oh my gosh did someone get killed, hit , hurt? Nope... Her Jetta rolled down our 250 foot hill of a driveway crossed the road, hit a stone wall and ended up hanging in some trees. Shocking!!! It was something from out of the movies. As many of you may know I don't handle these situations very well. I think my kids were shocked when I dropped the F bomb every other word. They just stared at me. Halee's boyfriend looked shocked as well.
As we all calmed down, Halee called the police and GEICO. The police arrived and he was shocked no one was injured, but did say he has not seen something like that before. An hour later the tow truck arrived and the big scrappy guy laughed when he exited his truck. He said the noise that the car would make being pulled out would be ugly... Um, he was right.
I was freaking out because Halee was going to sell her car($1500) before leaving for school in California. She doesnt even have the deductible of $500. OMG what is she going to do?
The next day we went to go get a rental car... Ya, Halee is driving a sweet Mazda 6, my car that I want to actually buy, and I am driving my stinky mini van with no radio or air conditioning... Something is not right.
I just got off the phone with the insurance adjuster, the car is TOTALED! OK how much is it worth... She paid $4500 for it 2 years ago... They said Geico will give her $4089 for it... She has her loan to pay off and her deductible, but she walks with $2800. What a blessing! She now has some money to use at school and to get her started in Cali. The down side for me is we have to share a car for 2 months. Oh well, I will take it for the blessing that no one got hurt and Halee is ahead of the game for a bit.
Did I ever think that this would turn out in such a positive way? Obviously not seeing my kids think I have a truck drivers mouth. I need to learn to have more faith!

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