Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Begins...

Due to the massive ice storms the East Coast endured this past winter we are finally out of school (June 23rd). Now we are dealing with RAIN. June has seen only 3 days of sun. From what the forecasters are saying the jet stream has changed and we are getting Seattle's weather. I really don't know how people living in Washington state can do it. I am ready to freak out! I have a hard time getting up in the morning and when I do I am back in bed by11:00 am. I pray to God that July has something fabulous in store.

Abby left yesterday for camp for a week. She is living in tents and I am sure she is a muddy, stinky, and bug bitten mess already. We left it up to her if she wanted to go. At the last minute she decided she would go and make the best of it. I am thinking she is re-thinking her decision. Abby will also be going to lacrosse camp at SNHU for a week, then off to Hampton Beach for a week w friends. Brockton has been off at wrestling camp up in Concord. Not sure what he thinks of it yet. I pick him up each day and he is sweaty, stinky, wiped out. The middle of July Brock will be going to football camp, and then in Aug he will be biking Acadia National Park for 4 days. Sophia has been kick'n it at home and at friends houses. She will be doing volleyball camp later in the summer. Halee is working this summer and then we are off to Cali for student/parent orientation for a week. Halee is planning on leaving around Aug 18th for college.
Kurt has been doing the strength and conditioning training every morning at BHS from 8am till 10 am. Mid-July he will be running his first football training camp for this area. I am just going with the flow and driving kids around and keeping the house running.

Each day I get my horoscope text to me, today I really thought about it... Not like other days....
" What is your main objective? Happiness? Wealth? Peace? Evaluate where you are going..."
I realize that all I want is to remain happy and that my family comes first! I would rather be poor and happy, then wealthy and unhappy! So I am going to enjoy my family this summer and make due with the limited funds we have and enjoy each day!

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