Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year 2010

Every New Years I make resolutions... Every year I bail on them and myself. What is it going to take? Kurt and I joke about people who are no longer in a relationship start to lose weight and take care of themselves. Do I have to ask Kurt to threaten to leave me? Why don't I put myself first?
Why do I find all these other things to do so I can avoid the gym, or justify a cheat day to take place every other day. I am so tired of being fat! I looked down at my thighs while I was at work today and thought I was looking st someone else. That is not me. Then I poked at my sweater thinking it was all my sweaters and realized it was ME, my gut. OMG are you kidding me? This is ridicules! I can no longer say I feel guilty leaving the kids at home while I go to the gym cause they go more then I do now. I look on the web and in magazines about quick weight loss looking for the miracle cure, there isn't any. I realized that if Oprah has blown up again and she can afford the world and she has not found it it must be true that I have to cut calories and work out:(
How big do I have to be for gastric bypass? I can bulk up and then have the surgery. How much fun would that be just packing it on... Just kidding. If Kurt is reading this he is so scared. LOL

So , I need to pull my head out of my FAT ass and reach some of my goals I have been avoiding.
Biggest Loser is ruthless but if they can lose weight I can too. I know they work out for 6 to 8 hours a day, but I have never seen anyone sweat like that like at Planet Fitness, but maybe I need to step it up and start. If I feel a bead of sweat I panic, I think I might pass out or I stop and head home. Kurt pushes me ( in a loving way) and I have learned I can say no to him and he just keeps dragging me along. I need to step it up and show him and myself I can do this and the pain is a good pain...
So enough is enough and I am on a journey to succeed!

Can you pass the chips?


Halee said...

#1 your not fat :) #2 you cant spell :) #3 you can do it!

KK said...

I totally agree with Halee - you have brought beautiful babies into this world! Your body has created living beings (who are pretty fantastic!) You are beautiful inside and out! Love you!

Jenny said...

Ditto what Halee said! :) I'll be happy to be your cheerleader if it will help. I think you're a beautiful woman, so quit beating yourself up so much. Eat less. Move more. We both know there isn't any other way. Here's to kicking our own butts in 2010!!