Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Choices and the result

As each day goes by I think of the great life I am enjoying. Many choices good and bad have gotten me to this point in life. Here is a list of good and bad that got me to this point.

  • Had a dad that was a silent alcoholic and had PTSD
  • Mom tried protecting us and him so we didn't talk about the issues, and didn't showed much emotion
  • Found acceptance in a lot of wrong places
  • Tried living up to my brothers level that my mom put him on (couldn't do it)
  • Left home senior year
  • learned about the addiction my dad faced and I was slowly following, and went to treatment in UT while he went in NH
  • Went back to UT and realized real life...
  • Came home with a baby
  • Dissed by my Grandmother(shocker)
  • Thought I could live the same life style with a baby, not the case, had another baby
  • Dissed by friends and some family
  • Gave up that baby to a family that could provide for him(that is another blog for another day) and then mellowed out
  • Continued college in Newton MA
  • Found Kurt through Halee (and Karen, BFF) at a daycare in Waterville Valley skiing for a week
  • Realized this is the guy for me, Irish Catholic, partier...
  • Married, against my mothers disapproval
  • Had 3 more great and healthy kids
  • Drove a bus for 8 years (not my life goal)
  • Had money/spending issues
  • Became stronger in our relationship because of it
  • Found a job that has been challenging and rewarding at the same time
  • Watching my kids grow up and make choices that I have a hard time with but need to let them grow and learn
  • Wondering why I still have acne at almost 40
  • Off to California next week for a trip for Kurt and I. Leaving the kids behind but know this is a much needed trip to reconnect
I know everything happens for a reason and there is a plan for us all and that the challenges we face just make us stronger and know we can be an example to someone some day.


Anonymous said...

Big fan of Jillian "Dodie" Hines here in Chicago!

KK said...

I love this post and I love you too Jilly!