Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What is your Calling?

So my day at work was one for the books... I think I dropped the "F" word to Kurt like 5 times in a 1.5 min conversation when he called to check in to see how my day was going. He might be a bit hesitant to call me again at work.
I know I was not put on this earth to be told what to do, get my ear chewed off by upset parents, teachers, and students, or take on the crazy work load that I have to do when I was hired as a mire attendance clerk...
So here I am sitting again at the VA hospital thinking "what is my calling".

Main Entry: call·ing
Function: noun
1 : a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence
2 : the vocation or profession in which one customarily engages

I think a lot about what would I really like to do? Anything? I think I have come to the conclusion I have lost myself a bit in being a wife and a mother. I would never leave my family to go off and ski the world, or go and do something like the Peace Corps. And I am NOT putting my family on the back burner like I see with some people. Either the husband is always gone or the mom is so wrapped up in her own goals that the family suffers. That is not what I am looking to do. I am just wondering what my calling is.

It is hard to put myself first and hard to figure out what I want.

So I am going to keep MY CALLING at the center of my mind. I need to find out who I am as a person, not a label as a mom and wife, but ME...



As Cape Cod Turns said...

I see your calling as moving to Chatham :)

You are doing a great job as a mom and I assume wife. You are also a great friend.

I am not sure what my calling is, but the girls and I have found a year round house to live in, so we are very excited! You can come visit by yourself or with the posee.

Schools almost over, hang in there :)

Jenny said...

I hear you!! That's exactly where I'm at right now.

Kerri said...

Jill ~ Love this blog about your Caling! Perfect....what really dedicated Mom hasn't thought of this? Trust me, you are doing things right. You are a great Mom, a dedicated worker in whatever you are asked to do and a fun friend to talk to and vent with! ;)