Saturday, January 17, 2009

Really? We have a child going to college next year?

What the freak? College is upon us next year, not even a year, 6 months... Is it to late to start a college fund? I always put off doing that for the kids because college seemed so far off. I wake up sweating and freaking out on how we are going to do this, but we will find a way.

Halee just got her first acceptance letter to Arizona State University. Yes, ASU in Tempe AZ. I think it is like 3000 miles away. Isn't the moon that far too? Oh well I will have to cut the cord in July when she leaves. I will have to take photos of that procedure. I will also be getting a laptop so we can SKYPE when she is homesick... She WILL get home sick, right?
Abby has already mapped out Halee's room and how she will be designing it. I think Abby will be out of her room she shares with Sophia for about 3 days before she misses having "Fifi" around. Place your bets on that one.

So, as we wait for the 5 other college letters, we will just have to start looking on Southwest for cheap flight to AZ. Halee is waiting to hear back from two schools in San Diego, UNLV, and Univ of South Carolina. I am not to up on the UNLV, I just hope Halee has the self-confidence and self esteem because her roommate could be a stripper or a call girl. I watch 20/20, I know:) Just kidding...

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