Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Power Grades (Internet Grading System)

So now a days you can check your children's grades via the internet. Double edged sword I feel. (SO glad they did not have this when I was in high school!)
So while at work yesterday I wanted to find out how my perfect children were doing in their studies. After I logged on I was a bit taken back on two of my cheribs. Seems like Abby was testing the waters. She has taken a hiatus from doing homework and not passing in assignments. REALLY? How would we not know?

The fact is we know now. When I got home from work the house was clean, kitty litter was done, and she was powering through about 20 pages of works she was making up. I had asked her why and her reply was... "I don't know". When I pressed more she had zero emotion about it. AHHH that is so irritating to me but she knows that. When I talked to Kurt about it he kinda snickered and said that was him when he was young. So I guess it is true what they say about "payback".
So this week my laundry, and both bathrooms will be cleaned by my non-emotional slacker.
***Side note... the other child who was a slacker (Brock) will be doing kitchen, vacuuming, and whatever else we see fit:)

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Sue said...

Sweet, if they keep slacking, my house could use some cleaning!