Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birthday Guilt

April 2oth is Sophia's birthday. That is where it stops. I have been asking her to give me a list of party ideas, and kids names so I can get the invites out.
Last night I went up to my room to find a note taped to my door that read, " Mom, I don't want a party and I don't want to stress you out or have to have you worry about how much it will cost."
This was one of the lowest feeling, "THE BAD MOM AWARD" goes to me:(
I know I have been totally stressed with work(2 jobs), setting up football camp for Kurt this summer, Halee and prom & college, Abby with lacrosse and me being the lacrosse rep for the girls at the middle school, and Brock with his friends. Sophia some how felt like she was getting lost in the shuffle.
I have made three different invitations for different ideas I came up with, but she is just not into it. Sophia told me she would just rather have a gift card for the amount of money we would of spent to shop with. I am thinking this was part of her master plan.

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