Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prom Season

Prom dress shopping with your daughters is a right of passage, right? WELL, have you seen some of the dresses out there today. Um, when did prom become a night at a strip club? The other issue I have is I payed $400. for my wedding dress, why are the dresses my girls gravitate towards are $350 and over? REALLY? This is one night for about 4 hours. That is about $100 an hour.

Halee, Abby, and I headed to Concord, yes the captital of NH. As we are driving through the "city" Abby is freaking out saying she feel like she is in NYC... Halee and I just shook our head and chalked that up to another "Abby" comment. I guess I have to get Abby out into the world a bit more, maybe to another big city like " Manchester". We finally found the store we wanted. After Halee tried on like 25 dresses we narrowed the field down. We took pics of the labels and sizes and headed home to EBAY. The dresses she had tried on for $350- $500 were running about $150 on Ebay. This is where Halee bought her dress last year and then resold it a few days later for more that what she had bought it for. Halee was considering even buying the same one from last year to wear again because she loved it so much, but has retracted that idea.
While we were at the store Abby wanted to try dresses on too. WARNING to all of you with sibling that are very competitive of each other... Halee was getting upset because Abby has bigger boobs and fills out the dresses correctly, Halee is tall and thin and needs some tailoring done for proper fitting. If I was on the outside of the curtain I would think that these girls were killing each other with the comments and the slapping of skin, and the occasional "you suck" comments. I was sweating dressing these two girls. I am glad Sophia didn't come because It would of been complete mayhem!
So Halee is still searching for "the" dress. I am done for this year dress shopping. I will hop on line and help but no more stores, or dressing rooms!
My next shopping adventure will be for swim suits, another horrific adventure for the Hines Girls...


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, Jill. My problem was with them buying shoes. Sally

Sue said...

I can just hear them yelling at each other in the fitting room with you sweating... ha ha ha. Glad that I am not there yet.
How rude that my mom commented about us buying shoes! (Ok, it was true, we sucked at that!)