Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time is FLYING by...

Life is speeding by me at light speed! Here I am at the VA Hospital working, but on line checking out prom dresses for Halee's Senior Prom in May. I am also looking for scholarships and Financial aid info for her college that she will be attending in Aug.
Abby is a social butterfly, and is rarely home on the weekends and is starting lacrosse in a few weeks so that means many practices, games, and camps. Glad she has a cell phone because that has been our way of communication for the past few days, weeks, months. I had to ask her to stop texting and call so I could hear her voice.
I just signed Brock-man up for wrestling camp this summer up in Concord. The day after that starts he is off to the lake with his friend Andy for a lot of the summer to enjoy wake boarding, 4 wheeling, and boating.
Sophia, she is my home body, but I know that this might be the summer she is off and running. I am looking for a volleyball camp to send her to because I know she will have the height to play due to the huge puppy paw like feet she is sporting.
Kurt is SO busy I am not sure he has time to poop, wait he does, that must be where he does a lot of football studying:) Kurt is trying to get a football camp together for the summer, he is personal training 3 people a week, going to meetings for football, redoing his play book, and teaching in the midst of all of it. Not sure how he doesn't snap.
I am just plugging along trying to keep it all together. Working a full time job and trying to be a good mother and wife is very tough! I had work off today and it was such a treat to go food shopping with out tons of people like on Saturdays or in the evenings.
I guess I just have to sit back at look at the blessings in my life and realize all that I have and enjoy the moments. Our kids will be gone out of the house in 9 years, what then? Somedays I want to strangle some of my blessings (kids) but all in all it makes up for some great memories that I can hold on to when they are gone.


Sue said...

Glad that I was able to gross you out! It's better today and the wine now is helping my throat.
I can't believe Halee is going to go to college next year. Time does fly! You are a very good Mommy, come and visit. :)

Anonymous said...

You're amazing Jillian!

I love you with all my heart!