Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 Things about Me and my Crew

So this is all over Facebook so I though I would throw it up on my Blog just FYI... If you even care:)

  1. Halee is what brought our family together
  2. Our favorite place is Ogunquit Beach
  3. Kurt and I love to go tanning
  4. I would rather spend time with my family then go out to parties or events
  5. Kurt crashed my roommates car on our 2nd date and I ended up in the hospital for a week, nothing happed to him...
  6. I have a metal plate and screws in my collar bone thanks to Kurt:)
  7. I only like spring skiing now
  8. I hope to have my dream car someday, Convertible Saab
  9. Kurt has picked up his painting again and is doing canvas
  10. Sophia likes to play charades and is good at it. Drama is her thing.
  11. Abby is a great soccer and Lacrosse player
  12. Brock has been wrestling for 2 years and wants to do it through HS along w/ football
  13. Kurt waxes the girls eyebrows... Mine too sometimes
  14. Abby, Sophia, and Kurt love sushi...
  15. I dye my hair new colors every few months... Shocking...
  16. I shop on-line and fill up my "carts" but never actually buy anything, just fun, wishful thinking
  17. Love shoes and perfume
  18. Kurt and I have our own duvets and don't have sides of the beds. Who ever get in first picks.
  19. Halee diet consist of pasta, nachos, and sauces and remains a size 6...
  20. I enjoy working on cars and reading instruction manuals
  21. Kurt goes through $40 of razors a month... Again, Shocking...(5 blade, really?)
  22. I hope my job is dramatically different next year!
  23. I have many friends, but 3 best friends. Facebook does not really show my true friends...
  24. Halee WILL be going to SDSU in the fall and we will do everything we can to get her there.
  25. My family is everything to me and will do all I can to make there life a good one. Even if I do have to pay for counseling...


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything (well, not the spelling mistakes). :)

J-Hi said...

Thanks Kurt:)

Sue said...

Crap, we are all going to be paying for our kids' therapy!