Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I saw this on a few blogs, very interesting...

Here is what you do.

Just go to Google and type in your first name followed by the word needs.

Google will provide the rest.

Jillian needs...

Jillian's needs to do something besides her all alone, unrelenting mourning. ... Jillian needs to know who the woman is that graced her deceased fiancé's... WHAT?

Well, the verdict is in - Jillian needs her tonsils and adenoids out... DONE and tubes 3 times

Jillian's needs to know that her mind has not caught up with the rest of the country ...Wait, I am SO much further then most...

Needs to discover businesspeople? Found enough on FaceBook

I will pour out my spirit, Jill Hines .... Set your options to suit your needs; I am trying

There is not need to go anywhere else for your landscaping needs. Call Jill Hines. DON'T I already have enough to do at our home:)

I also found a website off Google that is a bit scary.
put in your name or anyone that you might be looking for and it will come up with all the places you/others have lived, other names you or they might be known as, and anyone of your or their family members. I guess nothing is private any more.

Can you tell I am at the VA tonight, yup it is slow...

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