Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Credit Card Fraud... It wont happen to me, right? WRONG...

On Valentines morning I get up to get ready for my arss kicking at the gym with Kurt. I check my e mail before I go and see I have 5 e-mails from Paypal (on line banking). I am racking my brain about what have I bought off Ebay or any on line shopping. Quick answer... NOTHING. Someone is shopping, and it is not me. I start to panic. I see that they are racking up about $700 of charges to Autotrader.com. I quickly go to there account to find out what the website is and what they charge for. Advertisements for auto sales. I am looking to buy a cars soon, but this is not my typical website.
I have been put through the ringer on all of this. Here it is day 3 and the money has now been pulled from my bank account and has caused all my other transactions to bounce... Hefty fees mind you. I am in contact with my bank, Paypal, Autotrader, and Goffstown Police. This is like a full time job. Now I have to go change my bank account that most of my life is linked into. I just never thought thins would happen to me. I am now thinking of being all about the cash. All cash all the time. If I dont have the money with me I dont need it. Sounds good now, but lets see what happens when I get to that once in a life time sale:)

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