Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Head is Spinning!!!

So my summer is OVER:( I am back to work and it is the hottest week of the summer. I think about the beach all day and wish I enjoyed my summer more and didn't take it for granted!

There is so much to do before school opens in a week. I have a monster list of what needs to be done and keep hopping from one thing to another and I cant focus! Parents have no clue how much school secretary's do, and if they did they might be a bit kinder and understanding of the undertaking that it is so they can stay informed and their kids are taken care of!

When you get the packets in the mail of all that information of your child's class, medical forms, permission slips, lunch crap, and all the other paper work REMEMBER someone (like me) has taken the time to copy and stuff those envelopes. Oh, the paper cuts and dry hands one gets is redunkulas! We have over 1200 student at BHS and I feel like I have killed the Rain Forest single handedly...

I am glad I have a job and a lot will be changing at BHS, but just needed to vent or I may have just snapped tomorrow.

Lesson for next week, "Learn to say NO" . That might be a tough one...

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Sue said...

OK, I LOVE that picture!
Big cheer for school secretaries!!!!!