Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer 2009

Where to begin... I will start backwards and go from there...
Today Halee's boyfriend of 10 months (which is an eternity to HS kids) leaves today for the Army. Not sure how Halee is going to handle this whole experience but we are all supporting her and Jon in what ever direction they choose. We had Halee's Grad/Going away party on Saturday. It went well. Reality is setting in on her leaving for college.
Halee and I just got back from Cali. We had to go to her parent/student orientation so she could sign up for classes. We did get to see the dorm she is living in and it is a bit far from her classes and right in the center of all the athletic areas... ( https://sunspot.sdsu.edu/map/display.cgi?scaleFrom=medium&zoom=low&zoomX=829&zoomY=1500 ) University Towers...
We all know how much Hal loves sports and working out:) Halee has decided to go Undeclared so she can figure out what she wants to do. She is leaning towards something in the Health Care industry. Oh, she did get a job too. She will be working at a melanoma center... I-Tan... She will be making pretty much what I will be per hour and looking bronze while doing it.
We had a great time in Southern Cal. We hit the beaches, malls, and highways. Mind you the driving out there is freak'n re-dunk-u-las!!! I dont understand going from 80 MPH to 0 and there is no accident or reason for it. Don't even think of leaving yourself room for safety cause some D-bag will just slide in and cause you to break hard. Also I am not sure some of the drivers there realize that the left lane is for high speed and passing is on the left. People would go by us like we were going 20 MPH but we were going 80 to keep up... After the week there I did get a hang of it.
While Halee and I were gone Kurt had his Relentless Training Football Camp that was a great success! Brock got to attend this camp as well. I realized that Kurt can live w/o me, I came home and the house was clean, not just picked up but CLEAN. The laundry had also been done and put away. Not sure I can compete with that.
Brock leaves tomorrow for Acadia National Park in Maine for a 3 day bike trip... I hope he makes it.

He has been going with friends up to Lake Winnipesaukee boating and four wheel'n.
Abby got to go with friends to a resort for a week down on the Cape and then she came home and was off with friends in Hampton for a week. She has been very busy, but that is coming to an end with try-out for field hockey starting Aug 17th.
Sophia has been staying close to home, shocking I know, but she is a home body and loves it.She has been watching a lot of the Food Network and has been doing food art... Yes, that is strawberries in the shape of an elephant from Horton Hears a Who...

We have gone to Ogunquit quite a bit this summer and look to have a few more trips up before school starts.

  • Got a kitten from shelter
  • Put kitten down after $500 of vet bills and 72 hrs due to liver issues
  • Our other cat disappeared after bring kitten home...
  • Rain for 28 days in June, 18 in July, but Aug looks good:) Just in time for football double sessions...
  • My garden is growing tall but not producing due to all the rain.
  • Had my 20th reunion, so glad I went!
  • Start back to work Aug 17th kids come Aug 26th...

Hope your summer has been going great as well!!!

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