Saturday, August 21, 2010

Closing out our Summer...

Summer has come to a close for the Hines Crew.  I returned back to work last week and I am not sure Kurt even had a summer vacation.  He does football all year round.  Morning work outs 3 times a week, 7 on & on Wednesday nights, coaches meetings, two football camps, trips to Boston College to check out his players at that camp, and then the start of Aug double sessions.  Today is his first scrimmage at BHS vs Merrimack.    I am looking forward to a great year at BHS, a new principal has been hired and I am excited to work for and with him. It will be nice to have discipline, consistency, and someone who does what he says he will! I think the staff feels the same way.  I will keep you posted on this journey...
Our kids start school on Sept 2nd, so that leaves them home for a week without us. If they don't kill each other it will be an act of God!

I might have to let them know for each phone call that they make to me at work and they are not bleeding to death will cost them money or chores. 
Halee will be working 2 jobs while she is home till May, Abby is going into her sophomore year, Brock will be in 8th grade, and Soph will be in 7th.  Time is flying by! Before I know it all three younger kids will be in high school together. Either they make a pact not to throw each other under the bus or their HS life might send me over the edge.  I could not image what HS would of been like if I had two other siblings in the same school. I might have actually done well and stayed in school during the day. 
As summer comes to a close I think back on what we accomplished.
  • Painted the interior of the house
  • Planted a garden and it is reaping edible food
  • Finished the hardwood stairs so they fit now
  • Cut down trees and cleared out by the driveway (thanks to Abby being grounded:)
  • Cleaned out the house of "stuff" and Freecycled it.
  • Halee and I drove 3200 miles in 3.5 days ( next time we are taking our time!)
  • Few trips to the beach (not as many as I would of liked)
  • RI to paint Kurt's parents house
  • Kids to camps
So now the crisp morning air starts to roll in and we all begin to live on a schedule again I look forward to many great memories with my family and friends.  All of the challenges that we will face this year will just make us stronger and an example to those around us.


As Cape Cod Turns said...

Why does summer seem to go by so quick and winter seem to go on forever???? Oh right, we live in New England.
Happy New School Year!

Kurt said...

VERY well written Jillian! You definitely have a knack for writing...

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and I love the money or chores for phone calls idea. I remember going through that!! Sounds like you guys got a TON done this summer (we didn't). Glad Hallee's back for a little while!