Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trip across the US. DAY 3

July 25th

So we made it to CO in great time! We stayed with my cousin and his family. It was so great to be out of the car and to have interaction w others. We stayed the night and left CO at noontime. We were off to TN to see one of Halees friends. Not a ride I was looking forward to seeing the states we had to cross and seeing the storms that pass through this area every summer. In NH our storms on radar only have “red” cells if it is going to be bad, not here they have “purple” cells.
Off to Kansas, corn, cows, wrangler jeans, big trucks, can see for miles, and windmill farms. We watched storms to the south of us the lightning show was beautiful! That is Kansas from Rte 70 perspective… Oh and Rte 70 from Utah to TN. has the most adult “super” stores, and so many casinos. So basically it is a highway to hell. The other super stores we saw were fireworks... CRAZY!  The other thing saw were a lot of Jesus billboards. “Jesus loves those that don’t watch porn”… So where does that put the people who watch porn? Just a fact to all the bible thumpers… God and Jesus loves everyone. I am sure it has it’s great areas but not from what we saw. Note to self, Kansas is not in our top 20 places to live, probably not in our to 50…
Next to Missouri, a little more trees, hills, and curves. This is the only rain we hit rain so far. I did get to see the arch in St Louis, but it was late and rainy. We took a turn at St Louis to IL for a quick drive to drop down to KY. At about dusk I hit an area that was all dense woods and I think every deer in the state were mulling around waiting to cross the highway. It was so scary, the headlights would pick up the reflection in their eyes and freak me out. I almost had to pull over till the sun was up because of the amount of deer. Needless to say I was doing 50MPH, it was posted 70 MPH. When the sun finally came up the highways were riddled with dead dear. I still don’t get why they feel it is safe to cross the road in front of an 18 wheeler…
KY was the next area, rolling hills, horses, and green.
This was an uneventful leg of the trip, which is fine with me. Halee is still asleep. I was bored no one to talk to and I was sick of all our music.
Finally to TN, we went up and over mountains and lush green areas. Many state parks here. As we climbed, well the car climbed up and over some of the steps the maintenance required light came on… I am thinking because I finally put the highest grade of fuel in the car and it went into shock. I feel like it is driving better. We will have it checked in NH, if we make it. We made it to Knoxville to our destination for the night. As soon as we got there we said hello and hit the bed. After a few hours we were recharged. We spend the night just kicking back with our transplanted NH friends that live here now. For about 45 min we sat and watched storms pass north of where we were. It was incredible the lightning show that took place. I have never seen anything like it.
This morning we are of to the North. Not sure if we are stopping in WV or continue home. Six hours to WV, 15 hrs to NH. I know we could do it seeing I drove 20 hrs straight. Although I have had an eye twitch for the past 20+ hours.
Still looking for that Dunkin Donuts. America does not run on Dunkins… I have not seen one on our trip home…


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