Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trip Across the US. DAY 1

June 22nd 6:45 am

So it begins… I arrived at Manchester airport late... If any of you know me this is a pet peeve of mine! I checked in to baggage and an alarm went off to indicate that I was late. Awkward! As the women is helping me with my bag and moving me along she says” I am not sure your bag will make this flight, so if not just go to baggage claims in San Diego and find out when it will arrive.” I am screaming in my head, why didn’t I get my butt out of bed sooner? I hate flying so I was trying to put off going as long as possible. I thought this was a joke about me driving across country and was waiting Halee would be calling at anytime to say she really wanted to stay in paradise. Not the case…
I hurried to go through security. Bags in buckets, jewelry off, laptop in its own bucket, and off I go. Nope, the security guy asks me to remove my “shawl”, it is a light sweater, but whatever… Um, I didn’t wear a bra this morning with all the rushing around, and I am wearing a cami so I thought I would be covered. Again, not the case, another awkward moment because it was cold. Jeepers, it has only been 1 hour since I woke up and I already have had some challenges.
On a positive note, the flight to Chicago is not full so I have some room and no kids sitting near me! The skies look clear and got to see my town of Goffstown from 10,000 feet above.
So I land in Chicago and then have to sit out on the tarmac for 15+ minutes… Um my flight leaves in 10 minutes. I am freaking out in my mind. We finally exit the plane and I arrive at my gate to see no one but the person at the desk. Everyone has boarded. This means no window seatL UURRGG!
I finally find a seat and break up a father and daughter thinking they would have that extra seat between them. Nope, not today.
So I am off on my 4 hour flight to SD. I need to sleep this leg so we can drive through the night. Oh did I mention I have not eaten all day due to my lateness?

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