Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trip Across the US. DAY 2

July 23rd 9:30am

My bag made it and was the first ones off the carouse!
Halee picked me up and off we go. Well she announces we have places to go and people to see. So leaving the airport to head home was not going to happen. We drove all over the SD area. But I did get to tan at her former work. ITan. Talk about relaxing! Much needed! After visiting w people packing up and getting organized we were off. Halee and I were going to split up the trip by driving four hours a time and switching. As I am typing Halee is on her 13th hour of driving. She is Amp’ed up! I tried sleeping but it was scary driving through some of the areas. Big dead animals on the side of the road (elk, deer, and jack rabbits), swervy and hilly roads, and crazy landscapes. Halee kept announcing how many feet above sea level we were but saying 7000 square feet. I felt like I could not correct her cause I thought it was funny. After the 8th time she corrected herself… There was a point that we did not see a soul for 3 hours. Halee has decided that she wants to take a geology class to figure out why the landscape looks the way it does out here in Southern Utah and Western CO. The pictures I have posted do it justice, the depth and height was just incredible!
Just a side note, if you ever drive out here stopping at the scenic rest areas is beautiful, but the bathrooms are so ruthless! I dry heaved a few times. Hand sanitizer is a must! By the way XM/Sirius radio is a must driving in these areas!
We drove through Vegas at about 11:30 last night. Coming from someone who has A.D.D. I was glad I was not driving. I totally had “the shiny ball” syndrome! So much to look at and so many lights! It is crazy how one drives for 4 hours out of SD and rising up out of the desert is this playground for adults! If we had more time and Halee had a fake ID we could have had some fun… Actually she probably has one,  (not my problem, right?)
We are heading to my extended family’s place in Longmont, CO. Looking forward to seeing them, but also a much needed shower and nap!
Just hit a car wash outside of Vail (10,200 elevation) oh my ears!, we went through major “herds” of bugs! We are all shinny and pretty. Now we could use the same thing. I just pulled a Mexican shower in a Shell gas station parking lot. I didn’t even care that people gave me a “look’. Halee should of done the same but whatever...


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