Monday, July 27, 2015

2nd and 9 (Football reference)

Day 2 and nine states to go. 
Left Bedford at 11 am after getting some spiritual nourishment and losing most of our water weight from our tears saying goodbye to our son Brock.  We bought "flat"  Brock with us on our trip.  He has been pretty quiet,  and great for photo shoots.  Always smiling...

Kurt and Sophia had the first leg.  What was I thinking going on the Mass Pike on a Sunday or any day at that matter.  Slow and steady with all the D-bag drivers from  NY and NJ.  Not sure why they think they don't need to follow the rules.  If you are from these locations and you are offended from my observations then you might be one of the drivers I am referring to. 

At the most random times I would just sob and poor Kurt would look helplessly at me hoping it would pass quickly.   I think he could have whiplash from the emotional changes I would go though in just a few short miles. 

Having our girls following us in my car was another stress.  Making sure we stayed together,  had to watch our speed,  communicating to what our plan was makes it a bit challenging, mostly when I jack on the blinker to find food. 

Found a great diner in NY by Marist College.  Great lunch/dinner.  The waitress asked us why we are moving to a state that was a financial mess.  Our response... It doesn't snow.  I think she got it.

Abby and I did the 2nd leg,  six hours.
So many beautiful sites and we are taking in the greens, rivers, lakes, and rolling hills.  The sunset last night was  beautiful.  We had light until about 9 pm. 

Driving highways at dusk and dark is so sketchy.  We had see so many deer and critters that had been squished  by cars and trucks.  We should of played Roadkill Bingo,  I would of totally won for sure.  Poor furry friends.  

Not knowing the area and the poorly lit roads made for a tough ride.  I think every 18 wheeler was  on the road and I seemed to always pass it them on corners.  Total white knuckling.  Oh ya the fog.  Did I mention the fog?  Yikes.  I was waiting for a deer to be kicking it in the roadway in all the fog banks we crossed. 

I have this thing I do where I have  a contest in my mind.  My challenge from last night was to make it to Ohio on day one.  We were  25 miles from Ohio and was losing my vision due to contacts that felt like potato chips in my eyes,  but had to push on.  The girls called to say they had to pee,  but I refused to stop because of that goal I had.  So they might have UTI's but I completed my goal.   We can see the Pennsylvania and Ohio state lines from our hotel, but I win in my mind. 
Goal for today,  Des Moines Iowa. 

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Christyn Lewandowski said...

Safe travels! So glad we got to catch a glimpse of y'all before you headed out on Jillian & Kurt's Excellent Adventure. Getting your toes into Southern Cali sand in a few days time will help it all make sense - not to mention snuggling the grandbaby!