Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Keep Your Head on A Swivel

Keep Your Head On A Swivel (yes, another football reference)

Today started with an amazing home cooked breakfast at "Hotel Benjaminson".  Being in Colorado with my Aunt Janet and Uncle Bob was more of a blessing than we could have ever realized...  And here's why (Top 10 Style)

Beginning with, and in no particular order...

#10. Being on the road for an of 10+ a day is TOUGH (physically and mentally)
#9. We needed a mental break from seeing corn (who knew how much corn our farms had?)
#8. We needed a mental break from seeing cows
#7. We needed a mental break from driving by 18 wheelers
#6. We NEEDED to wash Kurt's truck (literally killed 1,000's of innocent bugs)
#5. Janet and Bob are the GREATEST hosts
#4.  The meals we eat while with family are ALWAYS better than anything else
#3.  We went on a beautiful hike up Flat Iron Mountain (Part of the Rockies)
#2.  We weren't driving
AND THE #1.  Blessing of stopping in CO...  Spending time with FAMILY!

Oh, so why the "Keep Your Head On A Swivel"/football reference?

While coming down Flat Iron, I had mentioned to Kurt that walking DOWN a mountain is the perfect metaphor for life:  you need to watch your step (looking down from time to time for safety), but it's also just as important to keep your head up, to look ahead, and to ENJOY THE BEAUTY all around! Life moves fast, and we need to see, do, and BE all we can be (while helping others along the way as well)!

All that being said, we're all feeling rested, and excited to hit the road in the morning!

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