Friday, July 31, 2015

Look to Serve...

Let's try this again.  Just spent 40 min on this blog and deleted it by accident.  BTW it was  amazing. 
On the road again...  Sing it like Willie Nelson. 
We left Longmont CO at 9 am and headed for the most beautiful rides in America. After getting on I-70W we climbed up mountains, through mountains and cruised down them with amazing vie
ws at each turn.  Each turn was more beautiful then the last.  It still amazes me how there highways were built and the tunnels that go right through the rocks.

We made our way up into Vail, some part of this climb was over 10000 feet above sea level. We pulled into Vail to have lunch and let the girls fill up on gallons of water to help relieve their headaches caused by the altitude and to pee. (Someone has a bladder the size of a squirrel, but I will not embarrass him). Vail is so pretty. The town area has great shops, restraurants, hotels and condos.  So many mountain bikers. We had lunch outside watching the bikers make their way down the mountain in a cloud of dust.  The homes in this area were beautiful, but I don't know where they teach to enable them these million dollar places, we must find out.

Hopped back in the cars switched drivers and moved on.  Abby ended up driving again as Sophia was freaked out by the heights and no guard rails .  We cruved around, climbed, and glided down massive steeps.  Cars, trucks, and RV's started to litter the breakdown lanes.  This was a tough ride for a new car let alone a older vehicle.  We were climbing a pretty brutal grade when we came across a car pulling a small  Uhaul and about 20 Yards from it was a couple walking with their cat in a carrier.  Now we are about 100 miles out and no services for about that long, there was no way I could leave them.  I always make fun of Kurt for helping people on the side of the road, but something inside me made me stop.

This couple was from Wisconsin,  my dad is from there and felt a connection when I saw their plate.  Their little V6 couldn't handle the pulling and grades it had to climb towing something.  We offered to pull their Uhaul to Cedar City 3.5 hours away.  Now Kurts truck is a V8 and is a beast, but I saw Kurts eyes get a bit glazed over when I offered to hook them up and go.  This truck is Kurts "baby" and has never towed anything even though we have the tow package.  After hooking up, making room in our truck, and giving the girls the cat in their car we were off again. (Had to leave their car behind) * Side note, the rest area we stopped in to do the switch there was an Audi from NH that was being put on a flatbed due to blown the cooling tube. The young woman and her 2 dogs were from Hudson NH, she had AAA so she was all set and we had no room anyways.

Having total strangers in your vehical for almost 4 hours you get to know a lot about how others live and their lives. Wow!  I know we were meant to pick them up, not only to help them but to help us in realizing how blessed we are.  

We had a goal to make it to Vegas but towing a Uhaul we had to drive 30 mph under the 80mph posted. We got this couple to their destination but we couldn't continue the 2.5 hours onward.  We were spent and the critters were out and I didn't feel like dodging roadkill or seeing glowing eyes in my lane.  

We found a hotel... Abbey Inn, totally had to stay there.  Oh, and it was next to IHOP .  11:45 we finally had dinner.  Back to the Inn and the girls were out in minutes, as for Kurt and I, we were up all night, thanks Rockstar energy drinks and adderall.

We have 7 hours today till we are in San Diego. We will get to see our new townhouse which we have only seen 7 pictures of on line. We are excited and nervous but ready for this new life.

Disclaimer...  Doing a blog on a smartphone is not easy.  So please disregard the spacing,  spelling,  and possible auto correct.  

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