Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Construction, Corn and Cows

Spent the night in Hubbard Ohio.  Sleeping in a double bed after having a king sized bed makes for a tough sleep (first world probs).  Kurt was all jacked up on Rockstar energy drinks and thought if he was up at 3:30am that we all should be.  He was like a child waiting for his parents to get up.  He left for the gym at the hotel like 4am.  Think he did more  Snapchatting then working out. 

Finally we hit the road.  Most of Ohio is under road construction  and  full of State Troopers.  Looking at the landscape much of the eastern part of Ohio is like NH.  The western part is not at all like NH.  Corn,  farms, and flat land.   We could see the storms brewing in the distance quick was beautiful yet a bit unnerving.  

We final got to Iowa and wanted to stay in a populate area so we hit Des Moines.   It was like a ghost town.  No traffic,  no one on the streets,  and nothing happening.  Found a hotel with a pool at the request of the girls.   Got settled in and ordered dinner.   

I understand each region or state at that matter has different ways of preparing food.  We chose Chinese,  can't be to off on that right?  So so so wrong.    First the delivery guy was  beyond high,  similar to Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  We gave him a cash tip and he panicked and asked us to call back the restaurant to let them know we were paying in cash.   OK,  I did,  but that was a first.  The girls go got back from the pool and we opened the boxes of food.  Um,  what is that...  I have never seen creations of this sort.   Not sure the  restaurant knows what wanton papers are as our crab ragoons were made like an apple turnover.  So brutal.  Oh an fried rice,  no burned rice with a random pea or onion.  
 Total fail.

We decided to just count on breakfast and called it a day. 

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