Thursday, July 23, 2015

Join us for Our Cross Country Journey NH to CA

So we had a 1-3 year plan to move to California to be with our 2 girls, son-in-law and new grandson.

We came home from February vacation in San Diego and with in 5 weeks Kurt had already landed a job at an elementary school teaching 4th grade and coaching high school football at a small Christian school (350 students).  How everything has fallen into place we know we are on the right path.  
I have applied for over 33 jobs, but realize the issues with trying to find a job for me from across the country.  I am not going to panic till mid August.  

Selling a home is quite a task.  We did have 3 offers on our place in 36 hours.  We have been getting the house ready for a family that we hope will make great memories like our family of 6 did.   The memories we have had in our 1700 sqft  home would have filled a 20,000 sqft home. 
We have lived in this home for 18 years and the amount of things we have done to this property has been a great feat.  We learned to install hardwood flooring, dig sump pump hole, install gutters, use a chain saw, build stone walls, paint, repair walls (thanks Brock), and build a huge composite deck.  
This home was a great place for us!  Now looking to leave the snow and owning a home has lead us to a new location. 
We will be living southeast of San Diego in Chula Vista.  This is 25 min from Kurt and Sophia's school.  They will be driving together each morning.  Still haven't figured out the return trip as Kurt has football into the evening.  We are really winging it, which we do best!  

So one of the toughes part of this new adventure for the Hines Crew has been leaving Bedford Football.  As you all know Kurt started this program and the amazing success it has had.  We really saw ourselves here forever and Kurt retiring from Bedford in 30 years.  

***Volume starts 14 Sec in...

We start driving across the U.S.A. on Sunday and will be documenting our travels.  I will be Blogging, Snapchatting, Facebooking, and Tweeting while Kurt is driving.  

Hoping to make it to Cleveland on the first day, Des Moines 2nd, Longmont to see family, Canyon lands in Utah, and then into San Diego.  That is the plan, but leaving a a day or two for weather or touring some cool places.  
Sophia and Abby will be following us in my car and Kurt and I will be in the Tundra.  I am sure we will rotate, but the music choice in the girls car might be a bit rough. 

Moving truck comes today, we will be "camping out" in our house for the next few days.  We have a going away party at Shorty's tonight, a wedding tomorrow night, Saturday to say goodbye to my parents, church on Sunday and then we hit the road.  

Bring on the memories and the new experiences ahead! Hope you will follow us and we plan to be back next July.  Can't miss the Chatham 4th of July or the RI garage party! 

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