Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 Things about Me and my Crew

So this is all over Facebook so I though I would throw it up on my Blog just FYI... If you even care:)

  1. Halee is what brought our family together
  2. Our favorite place is Ogunquit Beach
  3. Kurt and I love to go tanning
  4. I would rather spend time with my family then go out to parties or events
  5. Kurt crashed my roommates car on our 2nd date and I ended up in the hospital for a week, nothing happed to him...
  6. I have a metal plate and screws in my collar bone thanks to Kurt:)
  7. I only like spring skiing now
  8. I hope to have my dream car someday, Convertible Saab
  9. Kurt has picked up his painting again and is doing canvas
  10. Sophia likes to play charades and is good at it. Drama is her thing.
  11. Abby is a great soccer and Lacrosse player
  12. Brock has been wrestling for 2 years and wants to do it through HS along w/ football
  13. Kurt waxes the girls eyebrows... Mine too sometimes
  14. Abby, Sophia, and Kurt love sushi...
  15. I dye my hair new colors every few months... Shocking...
  16. I shop on-line and fill up my "carts" but never actually buy anything, just fun, wishful thinking
  17. Love shoes and perfume
  18. Kurt and I have our own duvets and don't have sides of the beds. Who ever get in first picks.
  19. Halee diet consist of pasta, nachos, and sauces and remains a size 6...
  20. I enjoy working on cars and reading instruction manuals
  21. Kurt goes through $40 of razors a month... Again, Shocking...(5 blade, really?)
  22. I hope my job is dramatically different next year!
  23. I have many friends, but 3 best friends. Facebook does not really show my true friends...
  24. Halee WILL be going to SDSU in the fall and we will do everything we can to get her there.
  25. My family is everything to me and will do all I can to make there life a good one. Even if I do have to pay for counseling...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Credit Card Fraud... It wont happen to me, right? WRONG...

On Valentines morning I get up to get ready for my arss kicking at the gym with Kurt. I check my e mail before I go and see I have 5 e-mails from Paypal (on line banking). I am racking my brain about what have I bought off Ebay or any on line shopping. Quick answer... NOTHING. Someone is shopping, and it is not me. I start to panic. I see that they are racking up about $700 of charges to Autotrader.com. I quickly go to there account to find out what the website is and what they charge for. Advertisements for auto sales. I am looking to buy a cars soon, but this is not my typical website.
I have been put through the ringer on all of this. Here it is day 3 and the money has now been pulled from my bank account and has caused all my other transactions to bounce... Hefty fees mind you. I am in contact with my bank, Paypal, Autotrader, and Goffstown Police. This is like a full time job. Now I have to go change my bank account that most of my life is linked into. I just never thought thins would happen to me. I am now thinking of being all about the cash. All cash all the time. If I dont have the money with me I dont need it. Sounds good now, but lets see what happens when I get to that once in a life time sale:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I saw this on a few blogs, very interesting...

Here is what you do.

Just go to Google and type in your first name followed by the word needs.

Google will provide the rest.

Jillian needs...

Jillian's needs to do something besides her all alone, unrelenting mourning. ... Jillian needs to know who the woman is that graced her deceased fiancé's... WHAT?

Well, the verdict is in - Jillian needs her tonsils and adenoids out... DONE and tubes 3 times

Jillian's needs to know that her mind has not caught up with the rest of the country ...Wait, I am SO much further then most...

Needs to discover businesspeople? Found enough on FaceBook

I will pour out my spirit, Jill Hines .... Set your options to suit your needs; I am trying

There is not need to go anywhere else for your landscaping needs. Call Jill Hines. DON'T I already have enough to do at our home:)

I also found a website off Google that is a bit scary.
put in your name or anyone that you might be looking for and it will come up with all the places you/others have lived, other names you or they might be known as, and anyone of your or their family members. I guess nothing is private any more.

Can you tell I am at the VA tonight, yup it is slow...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do you Belive in Three's?

What a week for the Hines Crew...
For a few days I couldn't understand how I was warm for a few hours then so cold. I know I have oil in the tank cause I had just gotten raked over the coals for an emergency delivery on a Sunday. $100 extra on top of the cost. Then a call from our renters answered the hot and cold mystery... Our oil burner was failing. I had to take a day off and wait for the over priced oil burner fixer guy to come and charge us $24. for parts and $200 for labor. Are you kidding me? I swear he was just kick'n it in the boiler room going through my "food supply" and taking notes. Needless to say we are warm.
Next, Dallas our 14 year old Chocolate lab had to be put down. She was the BEST dog anyone could ask for. She never left our yard, walked our kids to the bus stop and then watch them get on the bus and walk back up the driveway, she go stomped on but the kids for years and was a huge part of our family. Things started to go bad last year when her back legs would give out. Picture a keg on legs and that was her. She was well loved... Much like me:) Pizza was her favorite, also like me. Dally would be standing up and the next thing you know she would be a starfish on the floor because her hip would give out. 75 lbs is tough to be picking up. She would fall down the stairs and I know she would be embarrassed by her sweet look she would give. The thing that sucks the most is that she was totally with it, her eyes, hearing, and her mind, the day we gave her eternal life....
Finally, Superbowl Sunday, family, food, and fun, right? Nope. Ice Dams, urrg. We had water coming into our house and the rental property. Remember we live in NH, A.K.A The Arctic, it is dark and late and wicked icy out. Kurt and I headed out to take care of the issue. Mind you Kurt is at the top of the ladder, I am holding it at the bottom and he is chipping off chunks the size of a small child. Finally, after getting pelted I smarten up and went to go get Brocks snowboarding helmet, and goggles. Quite a picture. The other problem is that my back and arms are exposed and getting beat down, thought again comes to mind, golf umbrella. Now I am at the bottom of the ladder trying to hold it steady and hold my umbrella and trying not to cry during all of this. After about an hour and a half we decide Kurt would stay home on Monday and finish up. It took Kurt six hours on the roof to clear both sides. I have never seen so Kurt depressed about winter. He asked me to start looking at homes in California or South of Virgina. Sophia just kept walking around reciting the commercial about depression hurting everyone... He is back to "Mr. Optimist" now, but yikes I was worried, I had to be on my A game and that does not happen often. In talking to a lot of people, this winter has been tough one.
Three trying things for us in a short time, so I am looking for the bright light now...
So I am off to go tanning so I don't snap and take my family out this week. (Just looked out the window and it is freaken snowing...REALLY?)