Thursday, April 9, 2015

Recap of a Few Years...

So I want to try the Blog thing again as it helped keep me somewhat sane and also kept a history of our family.

Here are a few pictures recapping a few years since my last post. 

Abby graduated 2013
Prom 2013 w Peter
Typical Kurt Hines and daughter pose
Halee's engagement party 2013 

Graduation 2013

Halee and Tyler married in Palm Desert 2013
122' during their wedding in June 2013

Abby enrolled in college 2014
Halee announced she was having a baby 2014

Sophia went to prom at Trinity HS

Kurt and Brock in PA at the FCA Camp

Apple picking in Oct 2014 Christmas photo

Baby shower in NH for Halee and TK 2014
New York City with the Uruguay crew

Last year of football for Brock

Martin came to live with us for 8 weeks in January
Cruz is born into a tough situation
Kurt's first meeting

Sunset Cliffs

Torry Pines, hiking the beach area

Cruz's first day home after 18 days in theNICU


Sunset Cliffs with the whole family

Happy and Healthy Cruz