Friday, March 5, 2010

The Bickersons…

The Bickersons…

verb (used without object) engage in petulant or peevish argument; wrangle: The two were always bickering.
noun angry, petty dispute or quarrel; contention.

I feel like we should change our family name to the Bickersons… Not for Kurt and I, but for our kids.
For some crazy reason things have been totally nutty at the Hines household. It is a double-edged sword kids with cell phones. My phone has been blowing up with text messages and voicemails about the “drama “ unfolding at home, school, or on the bus.
Some of the texts are humorous and some of them are so far beyond me… My “perfect” children would never drop the “f-bomb” would they? Yes, is the answer…

TEXT: mom i said the f word to brock bc i freaken hate him
Sophia :)

TEXT: you can just ground me dad will yell at me to much
Sophia :)

What are they learning on that school bus?
In my head I have so many different ideas on how to handle this but when I come face to face with them I become like a squid (no backbone). Kurt has been the “heavy” for me. Although if I keep eating and not working out I will have to take over that position by default.

I think what it boils down to is we need to teach our kids patients. This is where all the snappiness comes from. Button pushing is another issue. So as we come to a resolution, I will just have to learn to rule with an iron fist, or a spongy hand.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We are moving… Someday

Here I am on a plane back to NH from San Diego California. We are two days later then expected due to hellish weather in the New England area. We are leaving weather in Cali that was incredible. It is freak’n winter out there and people are in flip-flops, shorts and tee shirts. People in that area were complaining about the weather there… Rain is like snow to them.
The main part of our trip was to see Halee at SDSU. If I had to do college all over again I would be at that school! What a campus! I might even pledge to a sorority, I know crazy but it is a different college experience then where I went. While we were there we took a tour of the campus. As Halee was showing us her school Kurt heard whistles blowing in the distance. He was drawn to them like a moth to a bright light. We came around the corner and BAM, SDSU football practice. Needless to say Halee and I left Kurt there for a bit while she showed me the aquaplex. This is where all the pools are and tanning pools/hot tubs. The pools are salt water; I guess it is better for your skin. This is also where the water polo takes place; I didn’t see any horses though…

We headed back to find Kurt, he hadn’t moved. I took some pictures he talked to some people so not our trip has turned in to a “business trip”, tax write off! We met some of Halees friends, they were all so great!
Another part of our trip was to go see my brothers family north east of the city in Temecula. We have now decided to move to that area some day. We checked out the schools, went to the HS, and found a lot of homes that would work for us. One drawback, they are laying off teachers. Not a good idea for us to move at this point, but I would go in a heartbeat if we won the lottery.

It was so great to see Jenn and the kids! I wish we lived closer because our kids would love them!

We saw a real lifeguard rescue at one of the beaches we were at. Kurt was looking for Pamela Anderson running down the beach. Too bad for him it was two hot young men. They pulled 3 teens from the water. The waves were huge, bigger then anything I have seen and the rip currents were super powerful. Kind of cool for us to see from dry land, scary for the teens. (no one or thing was injured durring this photo)

Mind you during our fun my kids and my dad were dealing with the weather in NH. High winds, rain, flooding, snow, and power outages… I felt horrible that I was in warm weather, and having hot showers as they were struggling at home.

I did sacrifices as well, the airline offered Kurt and I 2 free tickets and a refund on what we paid for the tickets we bought. I so wanted to do it but knew my kids might turn on me and my dad might just abandon the kids.