Thursday, November 18, 2010

20 Years Old... The "I am Not Old Enough Age. Yet, I am Old Enough Age..."

Jill, KK, Ellen, Missy, and Halee in OGT

20 years old is that age when it is that year of not being able to rent a car, rent a hotel room, drink or go to Vegas or Mohegan Sun, yet you are old enough to vote, smoke, buy lottery tickets, and get put in adult prison.  This is the time one must find a path in life and try to stay on it. 

Halee is turning 20 on Sunday November 21st.  Like my friend Kerri said " Amazing how fast time passes us by.  When our parents said that we thought they were exaggerating..... boy... were they right!"

It really feels like yesterday that I was on my way to Newton Wellesley Hospital where I was born and I wanted to have my first born (and 2nd born). 

After a few hours of labor Halee was born and I was in shock...

My best friend KK came to be with me. 

KK: " Jill, where is Halee?" 
Me: " Um, under a tanning lamp down the hall."
KK: " Lets go get her"
Me:  " Really..."
Off we went to get Halee out of the nursery.  I think the nurses knew that this new baby had a teen mom and a best friend who would be Halee's surrogate father for a few years.  They gave us the squeakiest cart and put me the furthest away from the nursery.  We went down the hall squeaking,  passing every room that had "families" in them, and they would look out at us with a disapproving scowl.  KK and I just picked up speed and cruised back to my room giggling like "teens" doing something wrong do.

KK:  " I think she pooped"
Me: " What do I do?"
I was not fond of kids growing up, I did not like babysitting. ( I am not fond of kids now...)
I opened up Halee's diaper, "what the freak is that?"  Seriously, the scariest stuff had come out of my perfect little girl.  I didn't know the hospital fed my baby black tar.  This was just the beginning of our adventure.
We spent countless hours poking, and testing food out on Halee.  KK and I had a live doll.  I can't believe some of the things we went through and we all survived.

KK and Halee played a huge roll in me having the family that I do today. KK introduced me to Kurt at Waterville Valley.  I stayed for a week with college friends,  during the day I would put Halee in the day care so I could ski.  Kurt worked in the daycare with KK, very manly I know, but kinda hot at the same time... After a few days Kurt and I talked, and from there The Hines Crew developed.
Halee lived at Lasell College with me, had a huge part in creating our family, and is more than a daughter, she is a blessing to so many!

Our family motto:
There are but two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots, the other, wings.

Halee,  take hold of this life, live it, and learn from it.  Set your goals, walk the walk and know you have so many in your corner cheering you on and will be there to pick you up when you fall. 
Enjoy this year of  "BLAH 20"!
Oh ya, and slow down...