Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Reality Sets In

We are into month 3 of living in sunny, warm and busy California.  The newness is wearing off and finally figuring out our way on the intertwining highways, our best priced place for gas and parking locations at the beaches. 

With life calming down and normalcy coming back into our lives we are seeing the challenges we are faced with. Like we would anywhere new.

Sophia has been a trooper as far as leaving Goffstown High School her senior year, leaving behind friends that she has known since first grade.  Exciting at first, but now we realize the community we were involved with in New Hampshire was amazing.  Soph goes to a small, I mean small private Christian school where her senior class has 78 students that all have gone through this district together.  That is rough for teens that are new to the school. 

I don't care if you are Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, or have no belief in anything, treat people the way you would want to be treated.  If you see someone struggling or can see into there eyes that there is something not right, lend and ear or even a smile.  A sincere smile is so powerful. Standing up in a group when that group is being catty and mean, do you have what it takes? 

Even adults struggle in this type of situation as well.  I am working for a conservative Christian college.  If you know me well, I have a hard time filtering and boarder line inappropriate, ok maybe I cross that line at times too.  I am having a hard time fitting in and know the pain of being accepted for who I really am or having a friend in a working environment like I have had in the past.

Yes, I miss my friends more that I can convey in this Blog, I know we will  find a group of fiends like I had back east. I have been hesitant to get myself out there to meet people for fear of them not really getting my sarcasm or my unfiltered thoughts.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being close to my girls and Cruzer.  We have seen them more now them we ever would have back east.  This is why we are here. 

The weather too... AMAZING.  I see the pictures of New England and the breath taking fall foliage and the apple orchards and pumpkin patches.  But I know what is coming.  From mid Nov to mid April you all are suffering and paying for wood and oil to stay warm.  Last winter put me over the edge and also our budget with plowing, oil, and gas for the generator when the power was out.  I know I will love San Diego even more in February. 
Yes, crisp air, beautiful views, but see below...
Photo Credit: Lisa Mazur

This is coming in mere weeks people 

Photo Credit: Susan Linnell

I just put Abby and Sophia on a plane back East to recharge in hopes they see the blessing they have here with family and the amazing weather (thus being said before El Nino gets here).  We are planning on visiting in July, so get your guest rooms ready (Dave Murdoch, get on our "shed" in the back corner.)  Hunker down for the winter and I get it if you "unfriend" us during your New England winter.