Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Do you believe in prayer, do you pray often, do you consider prayer similar to meditation? Do you feel weak if you pray, do you pray publicly or keep it private?  
This has always been a struggle of mine.  I am married to someone who survives on morning, midday, nightly and anytime prayer, hence why I stick close to him.

As you know we moved from New Hampshire, the second most spiritual dark state in the US, next to Vermont.  I grew up with many religions in my life from Methodist, Lutheran, Judaism, Catholicism, Mormonism, and non-denominational Christianity. We have always had morning and night prayers with our family.  Friends that came over were included as well if they wanted to, many did to see what this was all about.  This is not a knock on any religion or beliefs, lets get that out there!

I have been thinking, when people and yourself say to others that are struggling or have need "I will pray for you" do you do it, or do you say it because you think you should and it is easy to say? 

Kurt, Sophia, and I are totally involved in the Christian culture here. Kurt works for the Christian Unified School district, Sophia goes to that school and I work across the street at a Christian CollegeTo say it is a culture shock is an understatement for me at least. 

We have prayer in the mornings with our coworkers and Sophia with her classmates. We all discuss who needs prayers and how we can include them in our thoughts.  I must look like a fish out of water in these times.  Don't get me wrong, it is great, but I am a private person in this aspect.  My life is usually an open book but when it comes to my spirituality it is mine and mine alone.  Maybe because of past situations and being questioned or removed from what I thought I should have believed.  Anyways, this is just a different environment then anything I have been involved in and probably most of you as well.

So back to my original question, do you really pray for someone when you say you will or post on social media that you will?  I just hear this a lot now a days and wonder if they really mean it and if they really are doing it.    

I know in our home we do pray for many of you daily.  Sometimes I have to cough or fidget a bit to have Kurt cut the prayer down a bit with all the names he is busting out with.  Totally disrespectful I know.  Just know that when we say we will pray for you we do and I hope you do too. 

Just random thoughts today...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


So we arrived in San Diego Aug 1st.   We had only seen our condo online and only had 8 pictures to view.  Needless to say this was like Christmas morning to adults when we opened the front door.

We GPS'd the location of our new place.  As we  pulled in we were greeted by a garage, we never had a garage in NH.  All those winters,  brutal ice storm, blizzards, hurricanes and just unpredictable weather and no protection for our vehicles.  This was just the beginning.
 We opened the front door, bamboo flooring,  high ceilings, granite counters, stainless appliances, plantation shutters, and so much more.

A fire place, never had that in NH.  Three bathrooms, what?  We had a family of 6 in a home that had 1.5 bathrooms for 18 years in NH,  life would have been a bit easier with more bathrooms.  Now we have 3 living here so we have choices.  Because we went to Goodwill 13 times and the dump 15, sold stuff on social media we down sized so much we have plenty of space.  It is so freeing!

 We knew this was the place for as Sophia welled up with tears saying she loved it.  Phew.  
As you know moving a child across country is tough,  but her senior year is almost considered child abuse.  Mind you she has been a trooper with the transition.  A new school.  A Christian school.  Uniforms. A senior class size of 80 from 360 in NH.  Friends...  That is the toughest, but at least she has her sisters and Kurt and I.  Sometimes even "Christian" girls can be just as mean as regular girls.  A bit too judgy .

 We are in a great location!  25 minutes from the beaches,  downtown SD,  and from Halee, Tyler Abby, and Cruzer.  We are 8 miles from  Mexico, just to give you an idea of our location. 
Kurt is starting to gel with the coaching staff and the players, but that is not a shocker. He can make friends in any situation.  He is teaching 4th grade a new curriculum with a class size if 22.

After about 3 weeks being in California I finally was offered a job.   It is across the street from the high school where Sophia and Kurt are.  We  drive together some days to help with the gas budget.  I now get excited when I see gas for $3.25  that price causes lines at the pumps.  Crazy! 

 When we talked about moving to California people were pretty negative about it telling us how expensive it is.  Yes, they were right but we will not be paying $700 month for oil, $$ gas for the generator during power outages, over $1000 on driveway plowing, warm wardrobe, and all that goes with owning a home.   Yes,  there is tax on everything.   Yes,  the traffic can be maddening.  Yes,  the 2nd language is English in the USA.  But we love it.  The weather is amazing,  the people are friendly,  there is so much to do,  people are happier,  and I know we will all make this our "home" in time.