Monday, May 21, 2012

I am Supposed to Write 25 Things About Me...

OK! So I was just tagged by my one of my oldest friends (Purely Winging It ) and I am supposed to write 25 things about me! Here were the rules:

Once tagged, write 25 random things about yourself

Tag the person who tagged you and 5 new people (let them know you!)

Then click post!

So here I go!

1. My husband and kids are my everything

2. It takes a lot to get me to laugh

3. I cry a lot alone, but put on a strong face for everyone

4. After 40 years I am finally comfortable in my own skin

5. I have a few close friends that really know me

6. I am the “man “of the house, fixing things, yard work, and cars

7. Learning to let go of control of things

8. Finally comfortable with my faith

9. Miss working at BHS with the students

10. I know people are “friendly” with me because of Kurt

11. Going over the Cape Cod bridge to Chatham brings a rush peace and feeling like I am home

12. Finally learned to live on a budget

13. Coupons for everything

14. Do my own hair

15. I love country music, not too twangy

16. Listen to Christian music, but not crazy gospel

17. Enjoy driving & I drive too fast

18. Spontaneous, not just because of the A.D.D.

19. If I could I would pimp out my car

20. Don’t want a bigger house, can’t handle the one we own

21. Closet “geek”, I love technology

22. Still like Tom Cruise

23. My Michael Kors watch is my favorite piece of jewelry next to my wedding rings (thanks JD)

24. You mess with me or my kids, I become irrational…

25. I am a FaceBook whore