Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Just about a month ago my best friend had a baby girl.  I can't even begin to tell the stories that we have been through together and the many challenges we both faced to get us to our places in life. 

New Years Eve 2009-2010 we bought KK a pregnancy test, no big deal seeing she has been married for a few years and really wanted to have a baby.  This is probably the 6 test we bought between the two of us, but mind you she only used one of those... Yup, the rest were for me. Sometimes when you have a positive result you are not satisfied till you pee on 3 or four more sticks,  also shock can cause you to have disbelief too.  Moving on...

We knew KK was pregnant on New Years.  No one but the four of us knew, KK, me, and our husbands.  I was so excited for her.  KK would call though out her expansion and we would laugh and cry about situations she was dealing with and things I had dealt with.  After nine months the time was upon her and her awesome husband.  I got a picture text from KK while I was at work... Now you have to know many people think I have no visible emotions, um wrong.  I had to excuse myself from the high school main office and go ball my eyes out in the bathroom.

I could not wait to head to the Cape and see this new baby that I had look forward to for years.  KK was there for the birth of  Halee and was like her 2nd mother and still is.  I was so not ready to have a baby at age 19 and KK and I went through so many things with bringing up Halee.  I longed for KK to have a baby so that she could experience all the fun, and hardship that having kids puts upon you.

I headed to the Cape a few weeks after Baby R arrived.  I got off exit 11 and started to get teary, by the time I hit the Chatham line I was a basket case.  I had to drive around Chatham trying to pull myself together.  Finally when I thought I was ok, I pulled into her driveway and saw KK holding a baby, her baby.  Jeepers,  what is wrong with me, I started sobbing.  Yes, me, snotty and hivey... I can't even express the happiness I had for KK and her new family. 

This picture is my favorite.
KK's sister Sue took this and it has so may
different emoutions for me,

Another one of KK's closest and oldest friends came down from Maine, it was such a great weekend just sitting listening to stories of family, kids, post postpartum issues, and lots of snuggles w Baby R. 
I guess I realized how lucky I am to have a family, 4 great kids, and friends that you can tell anything to and don’t judge you for taking meds to make it through the day:).   I went home from that weekend realizing life is challenging and tough at times but it is also spiritually uplifting and exciting as well.  I felt so happy for life that I have and all the challenges that have been set out before me, so that others can learn from me or I can help others because I have been there.