Friday, July 26, 2019

Birth Announcement, Sort Of.

We all have a past and sometimes that past can sneak up on you when you least expect it. 
Well, that was what happened on Friday, July 19th at 2:42 pm.

Got a phone call from Halee saying she just received a call from Josh... who is Josh you are wondering?

Josh is a young man that I blessed an amazing family with through adoption.  Now 27 years later he is reaching out to get to know and be a part of our crazy and amazing family. 

Let me help you get up to this point.

I got pregnant after having Halee (don't judge) and knew I couldn't be a single mom of 2 and give them both a life they needed.   I had to go the adoption route, but the agencies I talked to just didn't fit or promised things I was not ok with.  One day an older friend of mine who went to a baby shower of another friend of mine that I nannied for was in tune enough to make this all happen.

Mary was sitting next to a woman that was telling a story about her brother who just put in the paperwork to adopt another child, they had adopted 3 already but there was a pull for another.  Mary got their information for me and called me as soon as she got home, as this was before everyone had cellphones. 

I reached out to this couple and listened to their story of why they felt the need to adopt again.  They told me about a dream they both had had about a blond-haired (Scandinavian) boy and saw him as part of there family.  Now, mind you, I had not said anything about myself or that I was having a boy.
I listened, and finally, after hearing them describe the story and who they were I felt a calmness and I could finally breathe again even at 32 weeks along.  I told them I was having a boy and my dad side is all from Sweden and that the father of this baby was also of Scandinavian descent, most likely this boy would have blondish hair, at least when he was younger.

Within a week I was on a plane from Boston heading to San Diego (see what is happening here...)
I left Halee with my Lasell College crew as I was still attending (sort of ) school.  They all helped with Halee the 2 weeks I was gone waiting to deliver. Thank you to all that supported me at Lasell and Karen, my best friend since 7th grade and didn't judge me for my situation.

I stayed with friends of the adoptive family, the dad was actually was my doctor that delivered Josh.  Each day I would go spend time with the family that was going to adopt this child. I got to know them and their extended family and friends which just confirmed the decision I was making was the right one.

I won't get into the details of it all but I delivered Josh and spent 2 days with him in the hospital and was on a plane 5 days after delivery back to Boston.

We had a semi-open adoption.  I got letters and Christmas cards every year and we sent gifts for a few years, but I stepped back as he got older not to confuse a young boy.

My 4 kids knew of Josh early on and accepted the boundaries of not reaching out until Josh did.

Well, that brings us to how this last week has gone.

Brock did the 23 & Me DNA/Health test a few months back just out of curiosity of family history and health markers.  He received it back and it came up with cousins, which we knew about, but it also had Josh listed as a half brother, not shocking, but both doing the same test was interesting.

Josh told us that he checks his 23&Me account each quarter and this time there was a major change on it for him... Brock.  Josh thought I only had 3 girls, so this was news to him.  Also, he didn't know my last name as Peterson.  So after he stalked Brocks social media he realized who I was and that we were all in San Diego after being in NH for 20 years.

So, the phone call Halee got on that Friday was shocking and exciting.  She called me to let me know Josh would be calling in 30 min so prepare myself.  Really, how does someone like me with all my anxiety prepare? 30 minutes on the dot I got the call.  Such an easy and natural call we had.  One hour and 22 minutes later and dinner date that Sunday with the Hines Crew happened.

Sunday dinner was amazing and lasted for 5 hours.  My mom had sent a large binder to me 3 months ago of all Josh's pictures, forms, and everything relating to the adoption because I had been asking her to cleanout.   This was totally a God thing as we all went through that information that Sunday amazed at the information that was in there and how it all came to be. 

Some other crazy connections:

  • My 2 grandkids (Halee's) were born in the same hospital I delivered Josh 27 years ago. 
  • Josh would go to lunch often at the restaurant Abby worked for 5 years
  • Halee lived in the same area as Josh's family after she was married
  • Halee and Abby both nannied for a woman who's friend had also blessed this family with a baby girl
  • We moved from NH to San Diego not ever thinking we would meet Josh.
  • Josh's friend at college is my mothers best friends son in Massachusetts

The kids are all texting, meeting up, and planning things.  I know God really does have his time and we know that this was the right time for this to take place.  Excited for what the future holds and know that I made the right decision for myself by letting this child grow up in a family that gave him great opportunities that I could not at the time, and allowing Halee and I to find Kurt and create the awesome family we did.

First photo of the 5!

The Crew (minus Tyler, our photographer)

Top of Iron Mountain, first of many hikes!

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