Saturday, May 21, 2016


PSA: Please review beach etiquette before heading out this summer.

1. Wind direction and how the sand will fly

2. How you conduct yourself with the people around you.

3. Music, be aware of the offensive lyrics and the families sitting within earshot.

4. Food, don't feed the seagulls cause I don't want a swarm of flying rats near me.

5. I will overhear your conversations when you are talking about the parties and hook-ups from the night before and will judge you accordingly

6. If you run past others kicking up sand and are not under the age of 12, be prepared for a wrath of stares or possible unfiltered comments

7. Smoking, gross. Doing this at the beach makes it doubly gross. Watch the wind direction of your nasty smell and remember you are going to ruin your lungs.

8. Trash, pick up after yourselves and do something above and beyond and pick up any that you see on the way to the trash.

9. Peeing in the water,  go at least waist deep. And try not to be totally obvious.

10. Parking, space is limited don't be a douche and take up 2 spots.

Enjoy your summer and stay safe.

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